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We provide "Smart" & "Quick-fit" solutions, with highest professional integrity, identifying opportunities, enhancing learning & applying change across all sectors. Acknowledging such changing business attributes, we identify, address and resolve such complexities through our experience & analytical capabilities. 


Main Consultancy services 

Strategic Management : Focusing on strategic thinking, developing, implementing the vision and Building Scenarios. 
Human Resource & Performance Management : Includes acquiring, maintaining, developing human resources based on productivity & improvement concepts, measuring and stimulating performance. 


Marketing Strategy : Focuses on design, development, implementation of marketing practices & public relation. 
Operation Management : Involves operation strategy, product & development, and standards. 
Consulting government, public, private sector and small projects : Provides understanding of procedures, legal framework, strategies of enterprises, concepts & trends, gap analysis, feasibility studies, start-up, extension services and future perspectives. 


Quality & Environmental Management Systems : Includes  ISO 9001, ISO 14001, QS9000, TL9000, OHSAS, 18001 & HACCP, ISO 22000 (Food Safety), ISO/IEC27001 (Information Security), Laboratories accreditation based on ISO/IEC 17025 & Conformity assessment  consulting services, Auditing of Quality & Environmental Management Systems.

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