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Petrocemical Industres company

PIC manufactures and markets chemicals that are the essential building blocks for countless ...

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Kuwait National Petroleum Company

A subsidiary of KPC, and part of downstream sector, KNPC is Kuwait’s only refining company. ...

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Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research

The Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) was established in 1967, by Japan's Arab...

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Al Salam International Hospital

1964 in established originally was Hospital International Salam-Al .nurses five and Doctor G...

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Manpower and Government Restructuring Program

To find innovative solutions for the development of national employment and direct them to w...

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Saudi Electricity Company

Saudi Electricity Company is a Saudi electric utility company. It enjoys a monopoly on the g...

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​Kuwait Petroleum Corporation

Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) is universally recognized as one of today's top ten oil e...

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New Mowasat Hospital

The New Mowasat Hospital was established in 1967. Ever since, the hospital has grown to beco...

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Established in 1968 and restructured in the year 2000, the Commercial Real Estate Company K....

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