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Founded  as an integral part  of the consults sector , But it bases on suppling the customer needs  of a specialized efficiency at a lot of fields , And our partners are founded all over the world to provide us by a suitable solutions for the labor field .

The projects in Kuwait are proceeding through a growing development so consequently the companies and governmental firms’ lack of specialized human resources became a necessary requirement.

The current data base is connected to more countries through our partners to save the knowledgeable and experienced Competencies and we aspire to guarantee and strengthen our partnerships during quality and fast performance.

 Our services:                                                                                                                 

  • HR Consultancy
  • Candidates  Assessment
  • Recruitment Solutions
  • HR Learning & Development

HR Consultancy:                                                                                                               

HR Consultancy services aim primarily on assisting our corporate clients in effectively managing their HR function within their organization. Based on our clients goals and targets our company is keen to provide them in managing the Hr. according to the company’s trends.

 Employees Assessment:

Hic provides the most globally efficient tools to evaluate the employees (THOMAS PPA) which helps the HR management and the department directors to understand the personality traits of the employee according to efficiencies.

Recruitment Solutions:

Recruitment operations have recently become a highly advanced industry, and at our company we adopt the latest trends and adapt them to our MENA region culture and business demands. Accordingly, HIC provides employers inside and outside Kuwait with a variety of Recruitment Services such as Conventional Recruitment, Online Recruitment, Mass Recruitment, Employment Fairs, and Employment Advertisement.

HR Learning & Development:

One of the core foundations of an organization’s capital development is the training and developing  the human resource , through professional HR experts and consultants that deliver practical knowledge and expertise of various HR topics and trends to tackle an organization’s long term and strategic objectives as well as day to day work challenges.


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مستشار أيزو 2008-9001
الشهادة العلمية : حاسب ألي ، مدقق معتمد أيزو 9001 - 2015
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